Month: February 2016

Review: Claret Free House, Croydon

Beer-loving locals’ haunt that’s unashamedly old-fashioned – and not in a quaint, English Heritage-approved, selfie-stick kind of way. Think 1985 not 1885. Don’t be misled by the name. This is no wine bar – if you ask for a glass of claret, you’ll be handed a mini-bottle of commercial plonk as if you’re descending into Luton […]

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The all-day drinker’s guide to… Camberwell

Camberwell, once a rural retreat with a spring sought out by the lame and infirm, still provides plenty of healing liquids in pubs ranging from scruffy working man’s boozers to subterranean cocktail caverns. The parish church in Camberwell is St Giles, the patron saint of cripples and mendicants, and, particularly at the crossroads at Camberwell Green, […]

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